VitaMind Multi Vitamin Energy Blend - Memory Enhancer
Vita Mind Energy Blend

VitaMind Multi Vitamin Energy Blend - Memory Enhancer

60 vegetarian capsules.

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Boost your memory with Ginkgo Biloba & Korean Ginseng. This powerful combination of antioxidants is blended with all the major vitamins to help improve short term memory & cognitive function. If you experience brain fog, mental fatigue or even information overload, your body may be missing vital nutrients that are more important than ever in this ever-expanding age of technology.

Our caveman ancestors never spent their days staring at tiny screens trying to assimilate streams of information from dozens of sources at lightning speed. Today's reality consists of a constant onslaught of emails, text messages and voice mails via our cell phones, computers, tablets, etc. It's no wonder our brains are overloaded and in need of a vitamin boost.

Our VitaMind Multi Vitamin Energy Blend is packed with Ginkgo Biloba and Korean Ginseng to revitalize your tired mind and improve short-term memory and cognitive function. This exclusive formula also contains B vitamins, Zinc and Manganese to energize your body and boost your immune system, giving you the necessary energy and vitality to take on the day. What are you waiting for? Before you tackle those emails, see how our revitalizing, VitaMind Multi Vitamin Energy Blend can help invigorate your body and mind!

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