Royal Lotus Nourishing Crème with Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Ceramides, Lotus
Royal Lotus Nourishing Crème

Royal Lotus Nourishing Crème with Ginseng, Royal Jelly, Ceramides, Lotus

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The queen bee and newborn baby bees feed exclusively on Royal Jelly because it is packed with all the essential B vitamins as well as vitamins A,C, D, E, K, vital minerals, essential amino acids and anti-microbials.

The lotus flower blooms every day at dawn and was viewed by ancient natives as the symbol of awakening. Now you can awaken and feed your skin every morning!

Ginseng is very effective in anti-aging treatments. It fights wrinkles due to its ability to boost skin firming collagen and encourages skin regeneration. Ginseng speeds up the healing process for sunburns, wounds, irritation and other skin maladies.

Ceramides prevent a loss of water through your skin that can lead to dryness. They also act as a barrier against bacterial and environmental pollutants. Diet, medications, harsh cleansers and aging can disturb the skin's natural barrier. As a result, skin can become dry, flaky and unhealthy. Ceramides help keep your skin soft, supple and moisturized and are essential to the healthy functioning of your skin.

As we age, the skin's replenishing mechanism slows down. The vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients in Royal Lotus offer vital nourishment to help stimulate this mechanism and boost your skin's vitality.

Give yourself "the Royal Treatment".

*Results may vary from person to person.

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