Raspberry Ketone Liquid with African Mango, Acai, Green Tea, Kelp.
Raspberry Ketone Liquid Concentrate

Raspberry Ketone Liquid with African Mango, Acai, Green Tea, Kelp.

2 oz. dropper bottle.

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Raspberry Ketones is a revolutionary supplement ingredient that is so popular that TV's most famous doctor has described it as "The Holy Grail of Fat Loss." It is the latest buzz among weight loss gurus because it works! With the addition of African Mango, Kelp, Acai and more, this is an amazing multi-function fat busting formula. This formula is also in a concentrated liquid, more absorbable form.

Raspberry Ketones
are proven to help in weight loss by stimulating the hormones that regulate and break down fat storage, thereby increasing your resting metabolic rate, you burn more calories while you rest instead of storing them as fat. Raspberry Ketones also seemed to affect the production of certain hormones that speed up your body’s fat burning process.

African Mango, otherwise known as Irvingia Gabonensis is a fruit native to West Africa.   Its most important part is the kernel as it is proven to lower body weight and body fat. Phytochemical analyses showed that Irvingia kernels possess alkaloids, flavonoids, saponins and tanins. These groups of phytochemicals have been shown to play very significant roles in human medicine and in weight reduction.   Its kernels are also a very rich source of fiber.

Acai Berry is probably the ultimate superfood, due to its powerful nutritional and antioxidant values. 

Kelp refers to several species of large, brown algae that can grow to enormous sizes far out in the depths of the oceans. They are rich in vitamin B12, C, E, K as well as niacin, folate and choline. They are also very rich in thyroid-friendly iodine.

Green Tea According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea that is made from unfermented leaves contain the highest concentration of powerful antioxidants from all tea types.  The natural polyphenolic compounds found in this type of tea are an invaluable treasure from nature, found to block various stages of carcinogenesis and enhance weight loss.

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