Mediterranean Beauty Drops with 100% Pure Olive Squalane, Olive Extract, Borage, Vitamin E.
Mediterranean Beauty Drops

Mediterranean Beauty Drops with 100% Pure Olive Squalane, Olive Extract, Borage, Vitamin E.

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Mediterranean Beauty Drops is an amazing blend of oils and extracts with healing and rejuvenation qualities, including Squalane, Borage and Olive Leaf Extract. Squalane has been called "Nature's Facelift" and Borage Oil exhibits powerful activities in the fight against dry, lack lustre and aging skin. Squalane contains high amounts of linoleic acid, a fatty acid that helps moisturize and seal moisture in your skin. Because of its unique ability to mix with water, it helps your skin drink in the moisture without clogging pores. Borage Oil is excellent as an anti-aging oil because its combination of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids nourish the epidermis, giving it an extraordinary capacity of regeneration.

This formula also includes Organic Olive Extract, which contains a unique constituent called Oleuropein which neutralizes free radical damage and boosts the immune function of the skin. 
It also contains several beneficial flavonoids, including quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol, which offer anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial benefits.

With the addition of Vitamins A & E, and
Organic Calendula, Organic Thyme, Organic Willow Bark, Organic Comfrey, this formula provides incredible anti-aging and healing properties.

Can be used after chemical peels and/or other facial procedures and anytime the skin is red and irritated.

Since Mediterranean Beauty Drops is quickly absorbed and non-greasy, it can be used as a primer under foundation.

*100% Active Ingredients, no fillers...Non-greasy...100 % Ultra-Pure...Eco-Green...Organic...Vegan..Kosher.

*Results may vary from person to person.

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