Fucoxanthin Hoodia with Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract.
Fucoxanthin Hoodia Weight Loss Supplement

Fucoxanthin Hoodia with Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract.

60 vegetarian capsules.

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This is a fantastic combination of 2 of the best known weight loss supplements available - Fucoxanthin and Hoodia Gordonii along with the powerful Pomegranate and Green Tea Extract.

Hoodia Gordonii contains important weight loss substances like steroidal glycoside components which have the ability to suppress hunger and appetite. In the past, Kalahari Bushmen used hoodia for their survival; they consumed hoodia stems to supress their hunger and thirst during long hunts. Nowadays, the main usage of hoodia gordonii is as an appetite suppressant for weight reduction.

Fucoxanthin, a carotenoid found in kelp, has the ability to reduce weight, plasma lipids and body fat mass by helping white adipose fat to mimic brown fat which burns energy rather than stores.

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